exness نصب


exness نصب
اسم الشركة â€ھexness‬
عنوان الموقع الالكتروني www.â€ھexness‬.com
البلد Russia
تاريخ التأسيس 2008
ترخيص الشركة EXNESS LLC (OOO “ذ­ذڑذ،ذ‌ذ•ذ،ذ،”), Russia EXNESS (NZ) Ltd., Auckland, نيوزيلندا ترخيص الشركة: The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) in Russia.License #1421.
فرق النقاط form 1 pip on EUR/USD
الرافعة المالية 1:1000


المناقشة على مايلي:

الشفافية والصدق: أنه لا بد من تعليق آخر؟?
تعليق الصفقات: صفقة تعليق ، مشاكل تقنية، الخ..
خصائص منصة التداول: جودة الخدمة ، وسرعة استجابة للطب..
تسجيل الشركة: هل الشركة مسجلة في أي هيئة تنظيمية ، أو على ترخيص مصرفي، وما إلى ذلك..
الخدمات المالية السحب والايداع: استجابة الشركة لطلب سحب المال.
خدمة العملاء: هل هي كفاءة واستعداد للمساعدة في أي قضية؟?
الصدق: هل قدموا ما كان من المفترض أن يقدمو؟?
تنفيذ التداول: هل يتم تنفيذ الطلب مباشرة وإعادة تسعير، الخ.
مميزات منصة التداول: قدرات منصة مثل زائدة توقف، أوامر OCO، بنقرة واحدة التعامل، الخ

إذا كنت قد تداولت العملات الأجنبية مع هذا الوسيط ، الرجاء ترك التعليق.

70 تعليقات

  1. Good broker, deposits and withdrawals are very fast but the order is placed a little too much residue on the market … their support line is excellent.

  2. EXNESS is BAD Brokerage, the spreads is Fantastic but it often get Higher during fast movement sometimes 5 – 15 pips. Beware if you using this, I use this broker and planning becoming IB but this condition make me think twice.

    Also my Stop Loss Often trigger missed 0.5 – 6 pips. This broker actually the BAD broker I have ever used

  3. i use this broker from 2009 is the best broker for scalping my account numbr is 2715 from the first accounts ntill now i trade with exness

    the support is good

  4. Exness is a cheating broker and make many big spread in trading, not right as they stated on website. We should highly care with them. Evenly when high volatile market, they also cut the transation on server making many loss

  5. i know they are fast support and fast withdrawl , but they are scam market maker – market maker who earns money on the losses of the traders

  6. if you account earn money, exness should use every trick to deal wth you.even it modify game rule for specified profit person.so, this is a bad broker

  7. Today someone withdrew my money from my account without my request !!
    I am still in the process of getting my money back . They are not giving reasons or explanations so far

  8. As with my own experience Exness is a good broker with spreads and bonuses that I like. Never probblems with withdraval and very helpful people working there

  9. Deceitful broker would not recommend to anyone. I paid my account for twice the money and disappeared. Two weeks after the letters were not credited. Damage caused and not paid

  10. I have achieved about 150% profit with EXNESS (P-1 deposit of $ 1000), but when the clouds did not allow me and the reason is that there is an error

  11. After wearing the broker to 2 months, almost every day MT4 loses the connection to the server, several times a day. Use on different machines and the same big problem.

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